Commercial Use and Personal Use
of your Caricature (FAQS)

LAW: All copyrights of all original artwork, music and literature, remain with the creating artist unless relinquished contractually, including Caricature artwork.

Even though you are buying an original artwork, you are not buying the right to reproduce it. This is true of all artwork, music and literature.

Kathlynne Moonfire, The Caricature Lady, reserves the right to use your caricature (and any/all artwork created by her) for marketing, advertising and reproduction.
Not to worry! I am not interested in reproducing drawings of your family!
A great drawing, however, makes a great example and your drawing may legally be used as an example. The Caricature Lady will remove indentifying names & location info from the drawing if it is chosen as an example.

You may purchase Commercial Usage Rights to your Caricature for business cards, logos, and marketing, but not copyrights.
Copyright remains with the creating artist.
The fee for Commercial Usage of your Caricature can be negotiated with the artist.

"Feel free to use your caricature for personal use, including reproducing it for family enjoyment, wedding invitations, personal letterheads
or social profile pics"


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